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The Social Security Administration provides free social security forms and assistance, we offer assistance properly completing and filing documents online.

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Assisted Online Filings is a certifying acceptance agent specializing in the processing of W-7 Individual Taxpayer Identification Number documents and all required accompanying documents needed during your filing. We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio just minutes from the Cincinnati Internal Revenue Service center.

Required Supporting Documentation For W-7 ITIN Applications

A valid, current and unexpired passport is the only stand-alone documentation accepted to prove both your identity and current foreign status. All supporting documents submitted must be unedited original documents or issuing agency certified copies.

For a complete list of all acceptable supporting documentation, Click Here.

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ITIN Application

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

Traditionally I.T.I.N. filings have been processed in person at a certifying acceptance agency but with the progression of technology it is now possible to file your W7 form W-7 and obtain your I.T.I.N. from the comfort and privacy of your own home with the help of our friendly certifying acceptance agents utilizing our online document processing system.


Required Accompanying Documents

The government requires certain documents to be submitted with your W7 form W-7 or SS-5 depending on what type of filing you'll be submitting different accompanying documents will be requested, we're here to help you determine which documents you need and can even help you obtain them in the event you do not have them.

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We are one of the only websites certified to process Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, let us help you with your filing needs today!


Social Security Card Application Support

Welcome to Assistedonlinefiling.com

Helpful Filing Agents. Document Assistance. Application Expertise.

We are one of the few online services specialized in helping you file your new or replacement Social Security card application and your I.T.I.N W-7 application. Make sure your application is filed right the first time with our friendly, experienced staff. The process of filing for a new card or I.T.I.N number is tedious and complex, let us handle everything so you don’t have to worry about it.

Assistedonlinefilings.com: The Only Online Filing Website You’ll Ever Need

We are specialists in assisting customers with their Social Security and IRS form applications. Our goal is to simplify the application process for new cards and Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN). Few online processors are able to assist Americans with either service. Even fewer are specialized in BOTH.

Here’s what we can help you with immediately:


Social Security Card

Social Security Card Applications and Assistance

We make it easy to file for a new Social Security card or obtain an Individual Tax Identification Number. Our easy-to-use service simplifies the process, eliminates the guesswork, provides step-by-step instructions, and updates you on the status of your application at all times.

Instead of completing the entire process on your own, our service handles everything for you and ensures you file each application properly. Don’t waste time stressing over which documents to submit, figuring out the process on your own, and standing in line at crowded government offices.

Our singular service handles everything for you. Just fill in your details and your application is ready to go.

ITIN Applications and Document Assistance

An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is a number given to an individual (usually a foreign national or non-resident alien) not eligible for a Social Security Number. It is issued by the IRS in order to facilitate a federal tax return.

ITINs are for federal tax reporting purposes only. While the process might seem straightforward at first, it is just as complex as applying for a Social Security card. You will need the proper forms and supporting documentation to receive your ITIN.

You used to have to go to a certifying acceptance agent. However, with the rise of technology, you can complete the process 100% accurately with the help of professional experts right from your own home.

For one low price, you will have your forms ready to file, assistance with all ITIN documents, supporting document assistance, and access to our outstanding customer service. For an extra fee, we can even rush your application with our same-day response service.

Why Use a Social Security Card Application Service?

Each year, millions of Americans file for new or replacement Social Security cards but a growing number are shocked when their application is denied.

While the process may at first seem simple, it is actually fairly complex and requires supporting documentation as well as a properly completed form. Even a mistake as simple as not checking the correct box or providing the wrong document for the wrong purpose could result in your application being denied.

In fact, many of our clients were initially denied their card only to give up and search for a service to do it for them. If they had just used our service from the beginning, they could have saved a lot of time and stress. Also, our agents will help process your application and notice mistakes you may have made. We can’t tell you how many times we see the same mistakes repeated over and over again.

Using our unique service ensures you are not one of the countless Americans that is denied this vital documentation (so long as you fill in your personal details accurately. We cannot be responsible for this).

While you can file your application on your own free of charge, this will require you to:

  • Figure out the process alone
  • Go through each step of this tedious process on your own
  • Fill in your own details accurately based on your unique situation
  • Stand in line at the office
  • Pay for a shipping label (if you mail it in)

Even if you understand the process correctly, it could still take you hours to complete everything, and that doesn’t include going to the local Social Security Administration office. Instead of going through all of the trouble and risking the denial of your application, you can pay a small, one-time fee of just $39 to ensure your application is submitted properly and drastically decrease your workload. For a low, one-time fee you get:

1. Instant, on-demand form processing
2. Online form assistance (we ensure it is completed properly according to your situation)
3. Verification services (including address and personal data)

4. Formatting assistance
5. Access to our online resource center
6. Our world-class customer service standing by to answer any and all questions

Assisted Online Filings has made it easier than ever to get the most important document in any American’s life. Just click a few buttons and your form is 100% ready to be sent. No hassle. No long lines. No headaches. And, most importantly, NO DENIED APPLICATIONS.


Assisted Online Filings - About Us

Located in the heart of Cincinnati, Assisted Online Filings is a professional filing agency that helps customers navigate the confusing and complex IRS and SSA bureaucracy.

While the IRS and SSA make all information public and filing is free of charge, each year, countless American citizens and foreign nationals struggle to properly fill in the forms or waste untold hours waiting in line to complete processes that should be far easier.

We know because we’ve lived it. After waiting for hours at the local SSA office trying to file our Social Security card application only to receive a denied application weeks later, we decided to make it easy so others didn’t suffer the same fate.

Our professional acceptance agents and proprietary form-filing technology have completely revolutionized the application process. Now, instead of figuring out how to check each little box, fill in the form properly, do research on the proper supporting documents, and locate the nearest office, everything can be done for you right from your home.

Assisted Online

A Form Filing Service Unlike Any Other You’ve Tried

If you’ve tried to use other form filing services before, then you know the issues:

  • 1.Confusing processes
  • 2.Unfulfilled promises
  • 3.Non-existent support
  • 4.Expensive prices

Most document filing services do little more than provide the document to you and leave you on your own. At that point, you might as well do everything yourself and save the hundreds of dollars they charge.

That’s now how we do business at Assisted Online Filings.

It doesn’t matter whether you are filing a new Social Security card application or need assistance with your W-7 or your ITIN, we make the process as seamless as possible. Everything from your personal client dashboard that shows you the status of your application to our world-class customer support available 24/7 on Skype or by email demonstrates that this is a document assistance service that actually saves you time. And all of it is offered at a fraction of the cost of most other services. But the real difference is in how easy we make it to fill in the proper forms. Trust us, we know how confusing the process can be. You’re probably full of questions like:

  • 1.How do I know if the SSA will accept my documents?
  • 2.Which boxes do I need to fill in?
  • 3.How can I provide documents for my child?
  • 4.If I’m a non-resident alien, how can I be sure I get an ITIN?

And many more. Our one-of-a-kind application form technology makes it so easy that the forms basically fill themselves in for you. Seriously… Here’s how it works: We ask you a set of pre-determined questions about yourself. Based on your answers, we determine exactly what you need and how the form should be filled in. From there, we provide document assistance so you have the proper supporting documentation and then you’re on your way. That’s it! As long as you fill in your personal details correctly, you are guaranteed to have your application approved.

Social Security

Social Security Number vs. ITIN: What’s the difference?

A Social Security Number (SSN) and Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) both serve similar purposes. However, no person is legally allowed to have both (nor should they want to). The majority of our customers are in need of a new SSN, but there are many who have questions about which one they need.

Before you begin the application process, it’s important to understand the key difference between these two vital pieces of documentation.

What is a Social Security Number?

A Social Security Number (SSN) is a 9-digit number assigned to American citizens and authorized residents to track earnings and determine benefits. Employers use an SSN to track an employee’s earnings and report them to the IRS. As an American citizen, you may need your Social Security card to:

  • 1.Apply for a job
  • 2.Apply to college
  • 3.Apply for federal loans
  • 4.File tax returns
  • 5.Apply for public assistance

What is an ITIN?

An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is assigned to non-resident aliens, foreign nationals, and others who may not qualify for a Social Security Number but are still obligated to file a tax return. Unlike Social Security Numbers, ITINs expire and are not issued to American Citizens (in almost all cases). If you find yourself wondering which number you should apply for, ask yourself this question: “Am I an American citizen, permanent resident, or authorized to work in the USA?” If you are, then you are required to have an SSN. If not, you need an ITIN.

Certifying Acceptance Agents

Our IRS approved Certifying Acceptance Agents specialize in processing W-7 ITIN applications.

Required Document Assistance

Multiple supporting documents are required with your ITIN application, we'll help obtain everything needed. View Supporting Documents.

Friendly Customer Service

Our staff is always available to help by phone, email, Skype and chat. It's our job to assist you.

Personal Account Dashboard

Your personalized dashboard keeps you informed on your ITINs obtainment status throughout the process.

How to File Your Social Security Card Application

An application for a new or replacement Social Security Card is free of charge from the Social Security Administration. However, figuring out the process and completing the steps on your own is complex. At best, it is tedious and time-consuming. The application process varies depending on whether or not you are applying for a new or replacement card, attempting to change information, or applying as an immigrant or resident alien. In general, you will need:

From there, you must either take your form and documents to the nearest Social Security Administration office or mail your application along with your documentation and wait for the SSA to return your documents along with your new card. Here’s the process in more detail.

Step 1) Gather the appropriate documents

The required documentation varies depending on your situation.

If you’re applying for an original card

If you are applying for your first Social Security Card, you must provide two documents. While the administration will accept one document for two purposes (e.g, a US passport for identity and citizenship), you still must provide two documents in all cases. Again, your documentation must prove:

  • Age
  • Identity
  • Citizenship or current lawful immigration status
** please see the bottom of this section for accepted documentation**

If you’re applying for a replacement card

Filing a Social Security Card application for a replacement card is a bit easier but will still subject you to strict requirements and lengthy processes. For a replacement card, you need only submit one document to prove your identity. If you were born outside of the United States, you must also submit a document to prove your citizenship or current lawful immigration status.

Note: Federal law limits replacement cards to 3 in a calendar year or 10 total in a lifetime. Protect your card at all times!

Which Documents does the SSA Accept as Evidence?

Understanding the complex supporting document regulations is the most difficult aspect of applying for a new or replacement card. In fact, it’s the step that the majority of our clients have difficulty with. If you do have questions, it’s possible to find answers from the SSA. However, contacting support or researching the FAQ page will take a good deal of time.

Our customer service agents are standing by to answer any and all questions you may have quickly and easily.

Here are the current regulations regarding evidence documents.

IMPORTANT: The Social Security Administration ONLY ACCEPTS ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS. It cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies.

Proof of Age

In general, the most common document for proof of age is a United States birth certificate. The SSA may, however, accept certain other documents including:

  • A hospital record
  • A religious record established before the age of 5
  • United States passport
  • Final adoption decree

Evidence of Identity

Evidence of identity is the most complex step in the process. The regulations vary based on each situation and even on whether or not you appear in person to submit your application. The Social Security Administration deems the document must show:

  • Legal name
  • Biographical information (date of birth, age, or parents’ names)
  • Physical information (height, eye color, hair color, etc.)

If you do not appear in person, your document must show biographical information. Accepted documents are:

  • U.S driver’s license
  • U.S state-issued identity card
  • U.S passport

If you do not have a valid license, ID card, or passport and cannot procure one within 10 days, the SSA may accept other documents such as:

  • U.S military ID card
  • Employee ID card
  • Medicaid card
  • School ID card

However, this may vary on a case to case basis. You are free to consult with the Social Security Administration to learn what they will and will not accept based on your situation. This could also be handled by our customer service team if you so desire.

Note: If you are not a U.S citizen, the SSA must see your current immigration documents and foreign passport with your biographical information.

OK, now that you’ve got the correct documents, it’s time to move to the next step: completing the SS-5 form.

Step 2) Fill in the SS-5 form correctly

The Social Security Card application form is known as the SS-5 form. You may use it to:

  • Apply for a new card
  • Apply for a replacement card
  • Change or correct information on your card***

***This subjects you to a list of requirements not covered here

The SS-5 form requires biographical information, date and place of birth, your current SSN, sex, familial information, your signature, and certain other details including voluntary race information.

What’s important is that you are aware that each section of information must be filled in 100% accurately. Not only that but depending on your unique situation, you may have to fill in or check different boxes. Even your date of birth has to be in the proper format or your application will be denied.

The Social Security Administration says:

“You MUST provide a properly completed application and the required evidence before we process your application.”

Any errors will result in denial.

Once your form is properly completed, you may submit your application.

Step 3) Take or Mail Your Application to the SSA

You may use the SSA’s website to locate the nearest office or we can handle this entirely for you. Once your application is complete, take it to the office or mail it in along with the proper documents.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for your card to arrive


How to Apply for a New Social Security Card Online

In some cases, you may submit your application online and save the time. Residents of the following states are eligible to apply online: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware (driver’s license only), District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin (driver’s license only). To apply online, go to SSA.gov/myaccount and set up an account. From there, you can request to replace documents and fill in the form yourself via the SSA’s website. However, assistance with documents or the form itself is not provided.

How do I Apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number?

Filing for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is another process that at first seems relatively straightforward yet is far more complex than it seems. Each year, a number of applicants file improperly which results in tax compliance issues that no foreign national wishes to be subject to.

Social Security

Applying for an ITIN requires:

  • A W-7 form
  • A federal tax return
  • The proper supporting documents
Let’s cover each step in detail. Note: In general, you should not apply for your ITIN until you submit your tax return.

1) Fill in your W-7 form: Your application requires:
a) The reason you need an ITIN
b) Legal name and mailing address
c) Date and location of birth
d) Applicant’s citizenship
e) Foreign tax ID number if applicable
f) Applicant’s visa number, if applicable
g) Details about your supporting documentation

3) Complete your tax return: The IRS recommends you apply for your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number at the same time as you submit your tax return.
Be sure to have your tax return completed properly.

2) Gather your supporting documentation: In contrast to applying for a Social Security Card, you must provide proof that you ARE NOT a U.S citizen in order to obtain an ITIN. In most cases, a foreign passport proves this. If you do not currently have a valid one, you must submit two of the following (please note that this is NOT an exhaustive list and it varies on a case to case basis with the IRS):
a) Photo ID issued from U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services
b) National ID card
c) U.S state-issued ID card
d) Foreign birth certificate
e) Medical records (for children under 6)

4) Submit your W-7, tax return, and supporting documents to the IRS: You have 3 options to submit your documents:
a) Mail everything to IRS: You can mail your documents to the IRS at their Austin service center.
b) Apply for your ITIN in person: There are a number of certifying acceptance agents that you may apply with. This will prevent you from having to mail your documents.
c) Make an appointment at an assistance center: There are IRS assistance centers across the country that will help you. Of course, this requires making the appointment, going in person, and waiting in the office for up to several hours.

Why Use a Social Security Card Application Service?

What’s the point of using a service if it’s possible to do it all for free? We get this question frequently. Consider this question: What’s the point of using a tax filing service if you can submit your own tax return? The answer? Convenience and certainty. For the same reason that the vast majority of Americans use professionals to help prepare their tax returns, many turn to professional form filing services to ensure that their applications are submitted properly. Not only is the process complex, but human error is also bound to happen from time to time. Even if you get everything right from the documents down to the SS-5 form, the slightest error in formatting will result in your denial. Aside from this, using a service like ours helps you to:

Save Time
Save time

No running around wondering which forms to submit, waiting in line at the office, or figuring out which boxes to check. Our step-by-step prompt system takes care of that.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind:

There’s no price you can put on peace of mind. Instead of stressing over how to fill in the application and waiting weeks while worrying about whether or not you’ll get approved, you can submit your application quickly and easily with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything was handled 100% correctly.

Direct assistance
Direct assistance

While the SSA and IRS do offer help, you must either call the service center or search through their exhaustive FAQs. And if you choose to go it alone, you’ll have to know what you’re looking for. Our helpful customer service professionals have done this hundreds of times and know exactly what you need to do. They’ll walk you through the process and answer any and all of your questions quickly and in plain English.


A: Yes, the service is free from the SSA. However, Assisted Online Filings has made the entire process dramatically easier. Instead of dealing with the SSA, figuring out what you need to submit, and filling in the form on your own (a complex process), our system prompts you on what needs to be filled in and tells you exactly how to do it. You also receive information on which documents to submit. Not only that, we ensure you don’t commit some very common mistakes when filling out your application. The convenience, peace of mind, and certainly are well worth the low, one-time fee we
A: While you should apply for a replacement card, you should first protect your finances. Alert the SSA, your credit card companies, and the credit bureaus. Also, it’s important to file a police report if you’ve been the victim of theft.
A: NO. All documents must be originals. Period.
A: NO. All documents must be originals. Period.
A: NO. All documents must be originals. Period.
A: Yes. While the number is what’s most important, you will need a Social Security Card to complete a number of important tasks including gaining employment, applying for higher education, tracking your earnings, and applying for federal aid.
A: While you may apply at any time during the year, it’s best to do it when you submit your tax return, according to the IRS.
A: If you are a US citizen, permanent resident, or legally allowed to work within the USA, you need an SSN. If not, you need an ITIN to file a return.
A: The easiest way to get one for your child is at the hospital when they are born. If you didn’t receive an SSN at the hospital, you may apply for one via our service or through the SSA yourself. If you wish to open a bank account for them or claim your child as a dependant on your taxes, they must have an SSN. The Social Security card application process is tedious, complex, and for many, a source of severe stress. Don’t let it be. With Assisted Online Filings, you can make the process quick and easy. Everything from supporting documentation to filling in the form is handled by us. For just a low, one-time fee, you get access to our world-class customer support, customer dashboard, and resources. Instead of wasting time fighting with the Social Security Administration or worrying about which documents apply to your situation, you can rest assured that everything will be handled 100% according to regulation and that your application will be submitted properly. Assisted Online Filings handles all Social Security Card replacements and Individual Taxpayer Identification Number applications. Getting started is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Getting a new or replacement card has never been easier!


Your Social Security card is absolutely vital to your daily life as an American citizen. Without it, you cannot apply for a job, file a tax return, or open a bank account. If yours has been lost or stolen, or you are applying for your first card, the application process is tedious and complex. The government requires a number of supporting documents and a properly filled-in form, and this must all be done while navigating complex government websites or your local Social Security Administration office. If you’re applying for an I.T.I.N, the situation is even more complex. First, you must gather the proper supporting documents. Then, you must obtain the form and fill it in properly. After this, you have to submit it either in person, by mail, or online depending on your state of residence. For an I.T.I.N, you must submit a W-7, tax return, and supporting documentation. While you can complete this task on your own for free, Assisted Online Filings is a 3rd-party service that lets you skip the lines at the office, gather the proper documents quickly, and get step-by-step instructions on how to complete the entire process properly. This allows you to save time, save money, and avoid the confusion. The world-class support from Assisted Online Filings gives you the best chance of obtaining your replacement card fast the first time. Don’t risk having to go through the process all over again. If you’re unsure of how to complete the process, don’t waste your time figuring it out. Get professionals to do it for you.

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